Meet Sam Hawgood
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Sam and Jane Hawgood invited first-year students to a food truck social, where they got to hear what drives this new generation of scientists and health professionals.
Driving UCSF’s Mission
Chancellor awards recognize individuals who work tirelessly to advance our core mission areas, while demonstrating a strong dedication to community and diversity.

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— Sam Hawgood, MBBS                 

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hand holding sign that says White Coats for Black Lives

Leaders Announce Anti-Racism Initiative

"The Chancellor’s Cabinet—led by the Chancellor and guided by Vice Chancellor Renee Navarro—has accelerated its work of reexamining UCSF’s own institutional structures and practices."

Meet the 2023 UCSF Medal Recipients

The UCSF Medal – the University's highest honor – goes to three national leaders, all of whom have advanced diversity and inclusion, including through mentorship that's helped place more underrepresented voices in the sciences.

UCSF: The Campaign logo art

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The Chancellor has launched UCSF: The Campaign, an ambitious fundraising effort aimed at tackling the most complex biomedical questions of our day by focusing on three grand challenges.

1Decoding Life to Improve Health

Learn more

2Leveraging Discovery to Revolutionize Care


3Partnering to Achieve Health Equity

Learn More


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